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Grand Opening & Garry's Mod Beta

Welcome everyone,

After a great deal of work and preparation, I am now pleased to announce that the project myself and Hillman promised (Fusion Network) will be fully opening Saturday 25th August 2018.

As the first announcement on Fusion Network, I wish to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their patience, endurance and very often financial support, without it, we wouldn't have been able to continue. The support from our dedicated players and staff members has been incredibly helpful in allowing us to see this through, and for that, we're very grateful.

Garry's Mod Beta Stage (FREE BRONZE/SILVER RANK)
To mark the release of our new gaming network, the DarkRP Garry's Mod server will be leaving Alpha stage this weekend, and in turn opening it's Beta stage on the Saturday.

In addition to the release of our new DarkRP server features, every player that attends our Beta stage (starting from Saturday 25th August) will receive the Bronze rank for free (must play at least 3 hours, giveaway ends in the week), and for 3 lucky players, the Silver rank.

Beta Stage Changes
After completing preliminary tests throughout the Alpha stage in trying to find a good balance of gameplay, we've added the following new features, that can be expected in the Beta stage:
  • Changed the server map to a bigger and newer version of downtown
  • Added Bitcoin mining as a legal way of making money
  • Added a car dealer with 76 vehicles
  • Added ATMs and bank cards as highly requested
  • Added a Health Npc to heal you when no medic is there to help you
  • Many bug fixes e.g. Bank Vault and Anti Prop Abuse Script
  • ALL players are now given the Builder rank for FREE after 3 hours of gameplay - gives access to all tools and a new job (some exceptions)

Other Games
We would also like to express that we're still working hard on our other planned game servers, including Arma 3 and Minecraft. Funding for these servers are being supported from the Garry's Mod rank purchases, founder program and other private benefactors. More information will follow once we're able to share more, including our estimated Alpha release dates.

As a final note, if anybody, both new and old wishes to help us in developing our current and upcoming servers, please do not hesitate to contact the server's respective staff team for more information (for Minecraft contact Blitz , and for Arma 3 Alsing ).

Thank you again for all support. More information and announcements will come.

- Fusion Network Team

Also, don't forget to check out our new Steam group (receive $20,000 in-game GMod for joining):


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